Upcoming Workshops 2017


Lemurian and Sacred Tree Wisdom Workshop


Friday, September 29, 7pm – 9:30pm

The Centering Space 59 Cambridge Avenue, Toronto (Danforth/Broadview)


The energies of the ancient Lemurians and sacred Tree wisdom come together to provide us with a timely transformational activation to assist us in remembering that We are Sovereign, We are One.


False beliefs of separation, of needing to belong, and of needing an outside authority to guide you are dissolved when we cherish all aspects of self. Through your personal integration process you transform the outer world to reflect your own inner harmony where the fearful mind finally surrenders in divine service to your ever-expanding heart.


Please join us as we awaken and integrate 4 key aspects of self. Through the Leaf, you will embrace the one who is dying and being released. Through the Seed, you will awaken your potential to cultivate all that you are becoming. Through the Root, you will nurture the self who is anchored deep into the planetary heart. Through the Lemurian seed crystal, you will honour your cosmic soul who is eternally present, unified and sovereign.



Registration required: bluehealingways@gmail.com

Fee: $33 (HST included)

Pay by e-transfer, PayPal.me/susanbeamish, cash


Please bring a sound instrument: a drum, shaker, bell, singing bowl, etc. Instruments will be provided for those unable to bring one.


Facilitated by Susan Beamish

A transformational healing guide, artist and writer who bridges the human and galactic realms for the purpose of healing and awakening. As a wayshower, Susan assists others in connecting to their true, expanded self where their humanity and divinity can co-create in harmony.