Welcome to my site on energy healing and transformation. If you are reading this you have been guided, in some way, to connect with the information, stories and images shared on this site. I welcome your feedback, questions, and the sharing of your own journey and how your path has synchronistically led you here.


Our Personal & Planetary Shift

We are all shifting our personal and collective realities as we learn to integrate our human, 3rd dimensional selves with our higher divine selves. Our process of expansion and integration requires self-reflection, consciousness, courage, and most vitally, unconditional self-acceptance and presence. Without this foundation of compassion and light-heartedness for ourselves we can not embrace the full spectrum of our uniqueness and authenticity. We are the embodiment of both the depths of darkness and the surging radiance of light. As we shed our illusionary fears of these polarities we realize these potent energies are one and the same. They are our essence and our source of alchemy and transformation. We are no longer victims imprisoned by our own fear and shame. We are the Creator beings now free to conceive and manifest realities of joyous and infinite possibilities.