Sculpture of an alien-like creature with large gray egg-shaped head, large cat-like yellow eyes wearing a blue gown with hands folded in front.

Image:Wanesque, Arcturian Guide, Wilket Creek.

Sculpture by Cynthia Crawford.

Text and image by Susan Beamish. ©Copyright 2014.

The Assembly of Light

The first transmission from the Arcturian and Andromedan Assembly of Light arrives one

bright autumn morning. For days now, I have been feeling their presence in the night sky

as Arcturus’ light beams down through the darkness directly over my house. Their first of

many signals reminding me to look up.


I stand at my kitchen window staring up into the dawn sky. Eleven beams of white light

swiftly encircle me. My sky gazing has seemingly prompted this unexpected visitation.

One being steps forward, announcing herself by the name of Waasque. “We are the

Arcturian and Andromedan Assembly of Light. We are here to be of service to you,”

she declares.


Two years earlier, my Pleiadian ancestors had made a similar entrance. The Seven Sisters

reached out from the blue winter twilight, each sibling ceremonially opening their vast

and ancient heart to me. Just the mere sight of their misty stellar formation set off a tidal

wave of grief and joy, an unfathomable remembrance of home. Sweet home.


Precision, alignment and an accuracy that quickens one’s manifestations – the signature

frequency of the Assembly of Light awakens and beckons my reluctant magician within.

A spiraling ribbon of alabaster light snakes its way up and down my spinal column, a

reminder of a lucid and prophetic dream from seven years ago.


In that dream, a dramatic shape shifting sequence was set in motion as my body’s cellular

structure disintegrated. I found myself deep within a brilliantly patterned serpent, its

protruding tongue sensing its way into a muscular black jaguar’s body. Sister Jaguar’s

commanding guttural rumblings unearthed a magician so immense a single universe

could not contain her magnitude. The magician stood before an electric pink orb that

hovered serenely.


Without warning – bang. Big bang. She exploded, shattering into her full and glorious