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From Out of The Blue is a poetic, consciousness-expanding work of art that is graceful and sacred. A moving collection of personal stories and colour photographs imbued with the higher frequencies of the crystal kingdom, the sacred sites of Hawaii, Grand Canyon and Peru, and the interdimensional realms, From Out of The Blue recounts the author’s awakening experiences as she uncovers who she is authentically: a multidimensional being creating a new and expanded consciousness.


What readers are saying about From Out of The Blue:

“The energy of the stories and photographs are absolutely captivating. An other-dimensional book that takes you on a journey outwards and inwards at the same time. I highly recommend this book.” - IG, California


“A most beautiful book that’s fascinating and original. It is a profound and beautifully written and illustrated book and one of the most unique spiritual books I have come across.” - RV, Australia


"Your book has become a beautiful pearl. It helps me and so many others whose souls have chosen to find the way back to their own source in this life." - MG, Belgium