Private Healing Sessions


Session Fees: $135 for 1 hr, $180 for 1.5 hrs, $225 for 2 hrs (HST extra)

Special Discount Package: $600 when you prepay for 6 hours to be used at any time (HST extra). Sessions are available in-person or on Skype and are by appointment only.


Transformational Healing

You are perfect as you are in this now moment regardless of what has unfolded in your life. There is nothing that should have happened differently. Every outcome has been uniquely synchronized to assist in your awakening process. Feel the deep sense of relief as you allow this fundamental truth to shift your perception. As you deepen your trust in this divine order, allow your fear to dissolve and transform into the innate state of grace that is you.


Deep transformative healing is an ongoing process of self discovery and awakening where there is no end or beginning. It is the realm of infinite possibility and opportunity, where all experiences of discomfort and imbalance are accepted and explored so that the soul’s messages may be received, understood and integrated by all aspects of self – physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. All transformative healing begins with an acceptance of what is arising in the now moment. Only that which is fully accepted can be transformed. This is the first step in releasing all that no longer serves you, where you will remember the truth of who you are.


Transformational Healing Approaches

I work with a variety of approaches depending on your needs, all of which assist in accessing and releasing the root cause of your suffering.


• Counselling and spiritual guidance

• Energetic bodywork, activations and meditations

• Channeled guidance - connecting with interdimensional guides

• Shamanic healing - journeying, soul and power retrievals

• Crystal healing - energy cleansing and chakra re-balancing

• Sound/vibration healing - clearing physical and energetic blockages

• Divination card reading - understanding your soul’s messages and mission

How I can be of service to your healing and awakening journey:


1. Self Exploration

You would like to make some changes in your life but are unsure around where to start and would benefit from some general, overall guidance to assist you in bringing clarity to your dreams and desires.


2. Accessing the Root of Your Suffering

You have been suffering with ongoing physical or emotional issues and are feeling lost around how to make a deeper shift and would benefit from some healing guidance and bodywork to assist you in reconnecting to your innate state of vitality and joy.


3. Transitional Shift

You are at a pivotal point in your life where a major transition is underway and it is time to let go of that which no longer serves you. The process of re-evaluating your life feels uncomfortable or overwhelming and you would benefit from accessing a higher spiritual perspective where you can make decisions from a place of discernment rather than fear.


4. Remembering Your True Self

You are in a state of flux because your identity is shifting from a 3rd dimensional perspective to a higher spiritual perspective. You are starting to experience the release of old patterns and the emotional clearing feels intense or confusing, and you are in need of guidance and energetic healing to assist you with grounding and  integrating this new identity.


5. Awakening Your Multidimensional Self

As you continue to awaken to the vastness of your true nature, you are in the process of releasing an outdated belief system rooted in the illusions of being separate and limited. Through this deep transformational process you are experiencing emotional and physical fluctuations as you integrate the new, higher energetic frequencies and would benefit from some support, guidance and energetic healing as you open to this new and exciting realm.


6. Becoming the Conscious Creator of Your Reality

You have created your own reality, sometimes with consciousness and sometimes without. You are now ready and willing to fully claim your Creator energy and the excitement that comes along with this state of being. As you open to your powerful Creator self you are experiencing some fear and uncertainty, and are in need of energetic healing and guidance around how to navigate through this profound transition.